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Specializing in the Manufacture of Asphalt Plant Control Systems

Asphalt Plant Computer Control System

Asphalt Plant Computer Control for Drum Mix Plants, Continuous Mix Plants, Combination Drum/Batch Plants and Batch Plants without Hot Bin Screens Ez-Blend™ system can control 2 liquid asphalts, 6 recycled materials, 12 cold feed bins, multiple mineral fillers, baghouse fines, anti-strip, lime, rejuvenator and other materials. The system is specifically designed to be expandable to meet needs as the plant grows. Ez-Blend™ is designed to keep your plant producing at peak performance. It will easily perform "on the fly" sequential mix formula and/or TPH changes, including fully coordinated starts and stops. Timings may be customized to ensure precise startups. True! Automatic Bin 4 Point Calibrations with multiple material and gate settings for each bin allows for tight gradations. Ez-Blend™ handles up to 500 raw materials and 500 mix formulas with History breakdowns for each. Project Total, Activity, Calibration, Error Logs are all provided to track daily activities. Data Logging of real- time plant Status can be Printer or logged to Disk. Stock Pile Inventory of on-hand materials may also be tracked as totals are automatically adjusted as mix is produced. Ez-Blend™ is Easy on the Operator! Daily Plant Operations are quick with mouse clicks or traditional “hot keys”. Drop Down Menus provide Full Access to Plant Setup.
First Introduced in Fall of 2006 Quick at a glance viewing! Large clear numbers! All you need for everyday operations.

Ez-Blend™ Graphical Plant Monitor

Large graphical components provide critical Plant data for routine day-to-day operation. The "Traditional" detailed Plant Operate Screen is one click or hot-key away for times when one needs to study and evaluate plant operations in detail. Drop-down menus and all hot-key operations are available from both screens.

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Ez-Blend™ Production Details The Traditional Plant Monitor Screen provides full details that can be used to evaluate the operations of the plant.

Ez-Blend™ Start/Stop Control

Simple yet extremely powerful, the Ez-Blend Start/Stop control provides complete, plant specific, fully interlocked control of plant systems. Automatically start/stop and adjust all systems in your plant including conveyor belts, augers, drags, air-locks and screens as needed by the mix formula, for true “on the fly” mix changes.

Numerous Styles - Single Time-Tested System

Select from many designs to fit the needs of your specific plant. All configurations are based on the time-proven Ez-Blend™

All-In-One Cabinet

Ez-Blend™ Brochure

Ez-Blend Lite - New for 2021

Same powerful software as the Ez-Blend with a New Compact Hardware Cabinet means a Big Saving!

Ez-Blend Lite

Don’t let the compact cabinet fool you! Although small in size, it contains the same powerful hardware as the full size Ez-Blend. Ez-Blend Lite Hardware can control any combination of 7 Delivery Systems such as 4 Cold Feed Bins, 1 RAP Bin, 1 AC and a Liquid or Dry Additive. Internal Belt Scale Intergration and Internal AC Temperature Compensation are all included as standard features.