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Ez-Ticket II
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II Silo & Quarry Ticketing System

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No PLC(s) - PC/Windows based Virtually unlimited capacity for tickets, customers, trucks, materials, etc. Metric/English selected in job order OR instant “On the Fly” Hot Key View, modify and/or reprint any previous ticket(s) Print on YOUR TICKETS or ours (or plain paper, including headers)
The Ez-Ticket™ II is a unique computerized truck ticketing system with automatic bookkeeping. The system provides complete single screen ticketing, including logging all required new information, as well as Automatic data match and fill in of previously recorded customer names/customer numbers/jobs/trucks, and more. The Ez-Ticket™ II will record and store, indefinitely, virtually unlimited delivery tickets for speedy display and/or reprinting (or transfer to another location). The system has unmatched optional reports generation flexibility to easily display and/or print extensive standard (and virtually unlimited user-defined) reports and management information summaries as needed.
Easy to use, familiar Window® Design.

Ez-Ticket™ II Off-Site Monitoring

Easily achieve continuous real time data synchronization of multiple office computers and plants. Numerous file transfer protocols provide smooth data interface to most popular accounting packages. TCP/IP communication (Internet, dedicated phone line, satellite, fiber-optic, etc).


Ez-Ticket II systems can now be upgraded to send data to providers such as HaulHub Technologies or Earthwave Technologies.

Ez-Ticket™ II Reports

Detailed Reports, standard or Customized can be printed, saved or sent to the office as needed.