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Digi-Flow Metering System

DIGI-FLOW™ is a meter system to measure and display accurate temperature corrected flow rate and total usage of any of the three major types of liquid asphalt, as set forth by the Asphalt Institute in their Manual Series No. 6 (MS-6) 4th Ed.. Total usage is displayed on a counter or counters, that are remote from the metering head assembly. All totalization and flow rates displayed are corrected to petroleum industry standard 60 degree F. The Metering Head rotor section is the only moving part on the heavy duty metering assembly and can not be damaged by "cold slugs" or most foreign materials. The electronic unit can be replaced without recalibration and has built in diagnostic and problem isolation features. The system offers remote or locally selectable temperature correction curves for multiple products. The system includes one electronics chassis, metering head, RTD, tach, junction box with connectors and 8 digit L.C.D. totalizer counter. An appropriate length of shielded cable is required for operation and is purchased at an additional cost.

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