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Ez-Blend All-In-One Plant Control
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Specializing in the Manufacture of Asphalt Plant Control Systems

Full Plant Control

Gone are the days of searching through a “rats nest” of wiring. Fully interlocked within the computer allows for minimal wiring. Most items require only single wire start and single wire confirm feedback hookup. Ez-Blend™ system can control 2 liquid asphalts, 6 recycled materials, 12 cold feed bins, multiple mineral fillers, baghouse fines, anti-strip, lime, rejuvenator and other materials. The system is specifically designed to be expandable to meet needs as the plant grows.

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Cabinet Specs: 72” H x 36” W x 10” D Shipped with 6” support legs and mounting locations to secure to a wall location.
• 48+ outputs, each with input feedback confirmation, provides automatic start/stop and adjustment of all systems in your plant including conveyor belts, augers, drags, air-locks,screens and pugmills, etc.,as needed by the mix formula,for true “on the fly” mix changes. • Fully interlocked start/stop functions customized to your plant. • Numerous Product Silo control methods. Multiple flop gates and/or traverse belts capability provides fully automated and interlocked control. Programmed Silo Scripts ensure each style function seamlessly. • 12 Amp Meter inputs, each with individual Deviation Alarms, allow clear on-screen monitoring of real-time rates. • 16 Delivery System channels for Cold Feeds, Recycle Materials,Silo Additives, Liquid Additives,Warm Mix Additives, etc. • Easy access terminals for field wiring. Prints are custom each installation. • Main Plant Interface provides AC Controls, Internal/External Scales, Temperatures,Pressure Readings, etc. • A “true” Manual Panel provides hardware backup control for each individual delivery system.