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Specializing in the Manufacture of Asphalt Plant Control Systems

Asphalt Plant Computer Control System

Same powerful Ez-Blend software with New Compact Hardware give smaller plant owners a Big Savings!

Standard Features

4 Cold Feed Bins w/ Automatic 4 Point Calibrations 1 Asphalt Cement w/ Internal Temperature Correction 1 Recycled Bin w/ Automatic 4 Point Calibrations Internal Virgin & Recycled Belt Scale Intergration w/Auto Zero AC & Mix Temperature Displays on screen An additional Hardware Control Section which can be setup as a Cold Feed Bin, RAP Bin, or Weigh Depletion, Scale or Volumetric Silo Additive or Liquid Additive Optional Ez-Blend features including Gob Hopper, Baghouse Pressure, additional Temperatures may be added as hardware allows..

Ez-Blend Lite Control Hardware Cabinet

Don’t let the compact cabinet, only 20”W x 20”H x 4”D, fool you! Although small in size, it contains the same powerful hardware designs as the full size Ez-Blend systems. The compact wall mount or table top cabinet is equipped with signal and power quick disconnects that allow for all wiring to be done externally in separate breakout boxes. The quick disconnect concept allows the electronics cabinet to be safely kept at an office or easily swapped out if in need of repair or diagnostics. Optional Fiber Optic Data Cable communication between PC and Electronics Cabinet is also available.

Ez-Blend™ Lite Technical Diagrams

Direct Upgrade to Full Ez-Blend

Ez-Blend Lite Hardware can control any combination of 7 Delivery Systems. When your business needs grow, simply upgrade to the full Ez-Blend Hardware Cabinet which can be expanded to control 27 Delivery Systems. Data Files are 100% compatible; a software update will “add” the new system(s) to your existing setup; saving valuable time not recreating mix formulas or redoing bin calibrations. Screens and Menus stay the same to ensure the operator has a smooth transition.

Premium Support

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Graphical Plant Monitor

Large Graphical Components allow critical plant values to be easily viewed from a distance. Values are available at a glance while going about the daily routine. Daily Plant Operations are accomplished by quick mouse clicks or traditional “hot keys” if preferred. Drop Down Menus provide Full Access to Plant Setup Main Screens may be viewed in Spanish with an optional language software package.
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All the Features and Tools needed

for peak production & performance.

Customize timings to ensure precise startup and shutdown. Easily perform “on the fly” sequential Mix/TPH changes. TRUE Automatic Bin Calibrations w/four point processes as well as multiple material and gate settings for each bin.

Data and Histories

Mix Formulas and Raw Materials History Breakdowns. Project Totals, Plant Activity, Calibration, and Error Logs record daily events. Optional Data Logging of real-time plant status. Log selected data to printer or to disk. Optional Stock-Pile Inventory of on-hand materials.

Board Layout & Quick Disconnects

Breakout Box and Sample Wiring

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Ez-Blend™ Lite Brochure

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