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Ez-Blend All-In-One Cabinet

Gone are the days of searching through a “rats nest” of wiring. Fully interlocked within the computer allows for minimal wiring.
Most items require only single wire start and single wire confirm feedback hookup.

Cabinet Specs:
• 72” H x 36” W x 10” D
• Shipped with 6” support legs
and mounting locations
to secure to a wall location.

Easy access to plant wiring. Clean layout
designed for your specific plant provides
easy maintenance to dramatically reduce
downtime due to control wiring problems.

Ez-Blend™ Drum Plant Controls are “Time-Tested”, “Time-Proven” - serving customers with pride since 1992.
Ez-Blend™ systems uniquely and unqualifiedly provide the electronics and software
that is key to consistent and accurate asphalt plant production.

Easy setup & precise control over mix blending.



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